2016 – 2018

Social Media Manager at Deutsche Bahn AG

Deutsche Bahn AG

Deutsche Bahn AG is the second-largest transport company in the world, and is the largest railway operator and infrastructure owner in Europe headquartered in Berlin. Deutsche Bahn was the largest railway company in the world by revenue in 2015.

This is what I did

✓ Developing social media campaigns on external and internal communication platforms

✓ Such as the Christmas campaign for Facebook 2016 (DB DINGSMAS)

✓ And a summer campaign conneting the internal platform DB PLANET with the Deutsche Bahn Facebook channel: Unser abgefahrener Sommer 2017

✓ Working closely with bloggers and agencies to create content

✓ Creating engaging stories and blog posts for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

✓ Community Management across all channels

✓ Conceptualising a new strategy for a new social media channel istribution

✓ As well as working with in-house and freelance photgraphers, press spokemen and programmers

✓ Design of the social media tile on company website:

Cross channel campaign UNSER ABGEFAHRENER SOMMER 2017

✓ More infos here:

✓ In summer 2017, we sent two YouTubers on a trip throughout Germany to visit Deutsche Bahn employees and showing them their town, work and crazy hobby. The campaign was aimed primarily at employees of the DB throug the internal communcations plattform DB Planet, but also reached a lot of attention outside Youtube and a young target group on Deutsche Bahn social media channels.

✓ YouTube Reach: 15,000 each video

Crossmedia campaign introducing the high speed track Berlin – Munich 2017

✓ VDE.8 route is Germany’s new highspeed track connecting Berlin and Munich in four hours. To highlight the enormous event we created Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, YouTube posts throughout the year to draw attention to the opening of the high-speed route in December 2017.

✓ Reach: Over 1 milion and high engagement across all channels

Facebook Christmas campaign DB DINGSMAS 2016

✓ In December 2016 we created a campaign to send a Deutsche Bahn Christmas train through a white winter landscape. Very much like an Advent calendar, 24 days leading to Christmas our DB DINGSMAS children sit in the train and explain a train or Christma related topic every day.

✓ Facebook Reach: 50,000 plus around 500 comments each day

✓ YouTube Reach: 45,000 each day

Trainsome sessions 2017